Some people say that the hardest thing a person can do is to tell someone in a short amount of
words who they are and what they love to do. For me this can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. 

Born May 14, 1985, I grew up in Tampa, FL and was later moved a little north of there to Wesley Chapel. I attended
Wesley Chapel High School and enjoyed playing as many sports as possible. Throughout my high
school career I tried to have fun as well as get good grades and make an attempt at surving in the 
world. In my senior year I had some very hard times occur in my life, from different accidents to 
just overall having very bad luck. I bounced out of all that and started to think of what I wanted to
do with my life. I enjoyed technology, loved watching movies, and most of all loved just to be active, 
as well as working with others. I knew I wanted to be in a fast paced hard working field.

I started researching the entertainment industry and realized that what I really wanted to do was
in the 3d field. I found Full Sail and enrolled right away. My time at Full Sail gave me a new perspective
on life and what it takes to really make it in the world. I met a lot of great people that I hope to keep in 
contact with throughout my lifetime. 

When I am not working on my computer, I enjoy working out, playing sports, watching movies, playing video games, 
reading books, and just hanging out with my friends and having fun. What I most enjoy about life is being able to 
move in any direction you choose. I feel that at this point in my life if I keep on working hard I can succeed in anything 
I set my mind to.

My family and friends mean a lot to me, I love to meet new people and get things done. I don't see myself as 
the type of person who can just sit around and be lazy. I have to be doing something, even if it is the smallest 
thing in the world it is still something to do.

I truly love all aspects of this industry as well as just the entertainment industry in general. I have the upmost 
respect for the people that do what they do. It takes a lot to survive in the world, there are so many people that 
have no idea at what it really takes to create something that everyone can enjoy. Without the talent that is in this 
industry I don't know what I would do. I look to artists and have a sense of respect as well as inspiration to work 
hard and get the things I want out of my life.		

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